The Village

The Village is the gold standard for normal in this region (at least, it is to its inhabitants).
The worry of job loss and other boring adult things are the only constant threats in this quiet, cozy community. The only real effect that these stressors have had on the community is to keep the fathers in the community distant and uninvolved in their family lives. This has resulted in correspondingly distant and worried spouses.
Young peoples’ coming of age adventures are rampant..
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Tree Haven “The Mall”
This is where all the cool kids go to hang when school is out. The Mall was founded at around the same time as the Village itself by the famously agoraphobic industrialist, Victor Gruen. The mall is in a giant stone structure that houses a number of stalls where vendors sell their wares. There are both permanent stores for local business owners and rented kiosks for traveling merchants.
It is commonplace for youths from the surrounding city to get menial jobs working for the merchants and vendors. The monotony of these day by day repetitive work schedules and mundane tasks lends itself the the youths disenfranchised attitude. When they grow up, most will look back at these days through the lens of nostalgia and think of these as the good old days. Growing old is a slow, tedious march to the grave marked by loss every step of the way until there is nothing left of you to lose.
Also, No Nerds Allowed!
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“There’s a couple things you gotta get straight man, if you want to make it here at Treehaven High, yo. First off, there’s the golden rule: stick with your own, bro. It wouldn’t do to have the poindexters hanging with rich kids or the jocks or the weirdos, right? Naw, didn’t think so. Figure out your type and stick with it, if you know what’s good for you. You’ll get fewer poundings that way. Treehaven Sport’s ball rules!”
- Johnny Badguy, to a freshman he just dumped in a trash can.

Johnny’s Group Breakdown:
Bookish Nerds (Wizards)
Dramatic Nerds (Bards)
Churchy Nerds (Clerics)
Hippy Nerds (Druids)
Self Righteous Nerds (Paladins)
Weirdo Nerds (Warlocks, Sorcerers)
Troubled Nerds (Rouges)
Jocks (Fighters, Barbarians, Monks)
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The factory where all the middle class dads work. Owned by fabulous recluse French Kisserton, this factory accounts for the majority of the jobs in the community and is under constant threat of closing, possibly due to rampant mismanagement (Fabulous recluse French Kisserton would probably like to comment, but he is unavailable for comment).
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The Village

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