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The Dog Clan

Clan Dog roams the great central plains. They are a nomadic tribe of traders. Specifically, they train riding dogs to be used as mounts for the smaller races. Their breeds are also sought after for highly reliable combat and hunting hounds. The clan also provides all the necessary accouterments and are some of the best small saddle makers in existence. A collection of sparsely held together groups, the Clan total numbers in the thousands, but they are only all ever together in times of war or at the Summer Moot. They structure the clan based on elders as mostly in charge, but specialist groups exist, such as leather workers and warriors, even though given the clan’s general disposition, warriors are rarely needed and are the only part of the clan that could be seen as a lower caste.

Brightwood Circle


Though there are other druid circles throughout Burrowhome, the Brightwood Circle is the largest, most secretive, and elusive. Rumored to meet only once a year, druids from this circle see to matters from all over the Deep Wyld. Their leader, the ancient elf Melyn Mair, is said to be half-fae, and she reportedly hasn’t been seen in humanoid form in centuries. Instead she takes the form of a golden eagle. Her name and wild form are so known by those outside of the Deep Wyld that most sightings of a golden eagle around the edge of the Wylds are thought to be a boon from Melyn Mair herself

The Military Structure of High Point (Brandon)
For centuries, the Rock Gnomes of High Point have relied on House von Ottersbach for military leadership. House von Ottersbach has the greatest number of “professional” infantry that can be placed into the field at any given time. Most other reserve troops are vassals of House von Ottersbach and consist of light infantry, sappers, or engineers. Most “military” responses for High Point wasn’t military in nature, but disaster relief for floods, droughts, and wild fires. The Rock Gnomes of High Point pride themselves in joint engineer projects that shape the landscape around Burrowhome.

Resources of House von Ottersbach
House von Ottersbach has the only unit of dedicated heavy infantry battalion in Burrowhome. The 1st Shield of the Point specialize in subterranean warfare and jointly drill with Dwarven units. The other specialized unit at von Ottersbach’s command is the 3rd Lancer Division, a heavy mounted unit that uses war goats to patrol the surface of the mountains surrounding High Point. The 2nd Shield of the Point is a ceremonial unit that the House von Ottersbach maintains that is tasked with civic functions and patrols. While the NCOs of the 2nd Shield are trained soldiers, many of the officers are given an “honorary” duty to serve (politicians, honorary civil servants, etc.). Need security for a parade? Go to the 2nd Shield.
All other units that High Point can call up are basically militia units, primarily engineers, sappers, archers, light infantry, and artillery units.

Banner-men under House von Ottersbach
The main banner-men under House von Ottersbach include the following…

House Baumgartner – One of the closest houses to von Ottersbach and primarily in charge of the defense of High Point. And by defense, House Baumgartner provides fire suppression and emergency response for the city. It’s a primarily a para-military organization that House von Ottersbach would mobilize to form logistical and supply units for an army. (Darwin’s brother and heir to the von Ottersbach married into the Baumgartner house.)

House Stroungham – Primarily a house of builders, House Stroungham can provide engineers to fortify encampments during a time of war. Non military duties include public works such as bridges, aqueducts, and roads.

House Riptide – One of the newer houses, House Riptide is responsible for maintaining a small contingent of Marines and Naval personnel to patrol the waterways around Burrowhome.

House Gerrick (the former house) – House Gerrick was responsible for gathering intelligence for High Point for centuries, until the Hill Town incident 250 years ago. The Battle of Hill Town was the single greatest defeat of a military force under the command of house von Ottersbach since the formation of High Point a thousand years ago. General Ryoce von Ottersbach was slain outright during the first days of combat against goblins, and Grand General Higred von Ottersbach threw himself off the highest tower of High Point in despair over the death of his son. Surviving members of House von Ottersbach blamed House Gerrick of terrible intelligence gathering that lead to the defeat, while House Gerrick maintained that it was the poor leadership of the Generals in House von Ottersbach that lead to the defeat. House Gerrick is now a separate organization that maintains intelligence for High Point, and still has conflicts with the von Ottersbachs.


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