Legendary Events

Dog Clan Summer Moot

High Point Gala (The Rock Gnome yearly gathering in High Point. For nobles. Needs expansion)

AVPPEC- Annual Village Picnic’s pancake Eating Contest (the yearly gathering in the village, needs Expansion)

Wyld Waterfowl Migration (Seemingly minor event. Druids judge the health of the Wyld on this metric however. Could be expanded )

Annual Gardening Tournament & Perennial Gardening Tournament (Badge of Honor for winning. Expansion needed)

The great snake-in-the-face prank of 1562.
“Boy, I sure do love surprises…”
- Sam Brittleheart, prank recipient.
The spring of 1562 started start off like any other spring. The cold was finally giving way and nature was just beginning to get over it’s winter hangover. The Halflings of the Village stirred from the coziness of their hearth fires and started preparations for the coming year. Folk around those parts moved just a smidge slower than elsewhere, taking their time and enjoying things in full measure. The Halflings of the Village absolutely delighted in spring’s lazy days.
This languorous and idle attitude was one of the many reasons the Village was so ill prepared for the pranks that were to come.

The steal-all-the-pies-in-town-eat-them-all-and-get-hospital-sick caper of mid 1562.
“And I’ll have a slice of pecan pie for desert. What, Really? No, no I haven’t head of him. He did what? The pies? All the pies?? Well, ok then, I’ll have the cake. In the Hospital you say? Well, that sounds about right. No, I don’t think it’s all that funny.”
- Prank victim.

  • Anton

Set-everything-blue-on-fire debacle of late 1562 * Anton

Great Bear Tease of 1562* Anton

Barrowhome Huddle * Darren

First Devastation * Darren
Second Devastation * Darren

Legendary Events

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