“The greatest legends of our world are based in the concept of heroism and point of view. Archivist show unwavering dedication when recording the stories of the Great Races. Elf, Dwarf, and Man alike celebrate their heroes that hold true to cultural virtues. Even a cursory study shows that the simplest of tales are told though the eyes of it’s people. This is so true that the same story can have different Heroes depending on the storyteller, regardless of country of origin. Unfortunately, in all the telling and retelling of our favorites, the archivists have made a mistake. In all their diligence, a major thread has been overlooked.

I write this journal to rectify this grievous error.

The Legends of Burrowhome are unlike any I have ever come across. The stories of gnome and halfling are so unique that no other telling will do. Too long have Humans, Elves, and Dwarves pigeon-holed the Small Folk into the roles side-kicks and comic relief. The Great Races have been blind to the true character. The denizens of Burrowhome offer far more than archivists have realized.

To that end, I endeavor record everything one might want to know about the Small Folk. These are not fables of knights on horseback; nor are they stories of of fantastic wizards or enchanted armor. These are the modest tales of tinkerers and cooks; of gardeners and foresters who just so happen to save the world."

—Excerpt from the field Journal of Phineas J. Livingston III – Chapter 1: Of Burrowhome

Legends of Burrow Home

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