Culture of Burrowhome

Bare Knuckle Scrapping

Dog Tales (Dog is a constant folk hero in Halfling Folklore. like, Johny Appleseed or John Henry. He goes on serial adventures, and is a reflection of every man…All halfings know about Dog Tales. He’s a generic hero and has many faces needs expansion)

Small Folk Foot Wear – The wee races are much more preoccupied with feet than we are. The simple turn of a heel or the taper of a boot toe can indicate social status among gnomes. Halflings never wear shoes, not even in the most formal of affairs. The meetings between these races often come to a halt over the appropriate footwear. The signing of the Soul Well Accords only took 6 hours if you ask the halflings and gnomes involved. The 16 day grueling deliberation that human history records was mostly comprised of whether visiting dignitaries could be shod and to what detail halfling feet must be cleaned before talks could begin. The best rule of thumb for visiting is to do what your host does. There is little embarrassment to be had for humans that attempt to take off their shoes in a hobbit hole or adorn them with bows while visiting gnomes.

Margaret Twillbottom’s Guide to Manners – Chapter 9: Visiting the Small Folk

Culture of Burrowhome

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